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We make compost for gardeners & farmers​ because we believe the foundation to good food is nutrient-dense, bio-available soil.  Follow George talking dirt on Instagram @thecompostguy

Hamanishi Farms, Inc. is making every effort to avoid all genetically modified (GMO) seeds and crops from our farming operation.  This includes using any "Roundup Ready" seeds and to greatly reduce the amount of Roundup Ready (i.e. glyphosate) used.  It is our opinion that glyphosate and GMO crops are both harmful to the soil and to plants grown in the soil and ultimately to animals and humans.



As one of the first mint farms in the Northwest, our 70 years of experience brings out clients the highest quality of pure mint oil.​

Need some hay? Give us a call and we can hook you up!



It's simple, we eat our onions like apples.  No tears here.  Our Fruitland Super Sweets® are juicy, fresh sumer onions go great on burgers & salads.​


Our PRODUCTS & Services

**Reduces soil erosion

**Increases mineral uptake and plant sugar levels

**Increases biological activity in soil

**Nutrients become more table and more available in soil

INGREDIENTS may include int plant material, onion plant material, or other vegetable crop material, wheat or barley straw, animal manure and/or forest products.  Compost is mechanically aerated at least 8 times and has reached a sufficient temperature to ensure a safe clean product.


1. Apply up to 12 cubic feet per 1000 square feet or up to 20 yards per acre as a top-dress or incorporate with tillage any time of year.  

2. Place in piles on the lawn, spread with shovel and rake in any high spots.  1st or 2nd watering will incorporate the product.  

3. Layer compost at about 1/8 inch thickness - a little goes a long way!  Expect to more your lawn more often.

Compost sold on volume bases as shown on invoice using cubic years as a measurement.